• Bruce McBride

Bruce McBride

Managing Partner - Southern California Office

With over 34 years in the Design, Development, Construction, and Insurance industries, Bruce brings a blend of architectural and engineering design background, in combination with extensive experience in a myriad of project types, to deliver a unique perspective of project analytics and presentation. To summarize his approach, Bruce firmly believes that "How the information is presented" is nearly as important as the actual information.

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  • William P. Jones

William P. Jones, P.E.

Partner - Pacific Northwest Office

With 30 years of Design and Construction experience, Bill brings a focused and structured level of involvement to constructability analysis, estimating, and value engineering, honed by complex and intricate projects in the Medical, Institutional, Industrial and Commercial Industries. A registered civil engineer in both California and Washington, Bill has become a trusted colleague to many design and construction professionals in the Puget Sound community. His approach can be summarized by his stressing of "sensible and realistic building solutions."

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